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Whenever I sit down to paint or draw, I begin by making sure I’m in a state of open-eyed meditation. I might listen to music or just sit in silence. In this state, images are born out of the universal pulse of creativity. I don’t “do” anything; they just “happen.” There is no external object to be reproduced. There is no internal object either. Everything comes from within in that moment. Through this process, a visual language evolves that describes my own journey.

A number of themes recur in my work, which I would describe as follows. The world in which we live is not only concrete but subtle in nature. As subtle beings, our substance is energy, which exists in continual motion. As spiritual beings, we inhabit an ecstatic world that transcends pleasure and pain, while yet encompassing both those polarities.

My art depicts an inner landscape. I think of this work as Fourth Dimensional because it portrays the subtleties and continual movement that characterize the human spirit.